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who are we?


We are a digital dental laboratory based in Cape Town.

Specializing in cosmetic implant bourne dental restorations. The art of utilising modern digital tools to create very specialised dental products.

Advanced implant planning creates a predictable outcome for surgeons and restorative professionals with pinpoint guided tools.

Digital printing enables us to print models and guides and to showcase the possibilities of what could be achieved and beyond.

Our Straumann M-Series Inhouse milling unit ensures on hand quality and performance – with our direct link to international centralised milling we can do the unimaginable.

Our Straumann® validated materials are scientifically proven and of the highest quality available world wide.

With the wealth of experience of our ceramists beautiful smiles are crafted with passion.

Services we offer

Offering a range of industry-leading solutions, our portfolio of products and techniques is constantly evolving to keep pace with technological advances and patient demand.

Scan and Shape
Scan & Shape provides a design platform to deliver a piece of mind, quality customized prosthetics with no investment in equipment, technology, or training.  A comprehensive level of on-demand design service for your restorative CADCAM needs. We provide service expertise from traditional implant-borne solutions to tooth-borne restorations.  We can meet your needs and provide you with the high quality and precision.
CARES® P30® Printer by Rapidshape® sets the benchmark in professional dental printing in terms of speed, precision and certified open solutions. The standard in my lab for true digital workflow.
With our Straumann M-Series milling machine we guarantee a premium quality prosthesis paired with our outstanding material range. Connected centralized milling facilities at Createch® in Spain and Etkon® Straumann® in Leipzig. We can expand our capabilities far and beyond your imagination.
Implant Planning
We are the only Codaignostix® validated planning and printing service in Africa. To ensure our surgical guides meet strict international standards for precision we validate our guides through Codiagnostix® in Dusseldorf Germany. Validated surgical materials are used during manufacturing. Presicion. Safe. Predictable

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Connection options

3shape Connect

Find Dental fusion laboratories in the 3shape connect portal and simply connect to our site. We receive scans directly from the Trios scanning Platform.

we Transfer

Using wetransfer to upload case files in STL or Straumann order is easy and secure. Use our email in the to field and a short message and you are set.

Dropbox File transfer

Call our team to set up your dropbox folder. Shareable cloud storage. Easy to use and secure to transfer large files.

Straumann 1st Level support South Africa

Follow the link for a support call action

We will coach you and help you achieve your dental design goals.
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